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Developing Your Inner Power

Developing Your Inner Power Did you know that everyone is psychic? Everything that you need is already inside yourself. Your inner guidance and intuition can take on many different forms such as images, visual impressions or mental pictures, a knowingness, gut feelings or hearing your own inner […]

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An Angel Healing Circle

An Angel Healing Circle  This healing circle is dedicated to all Earth Angels who wish to assist others with healing energy and prayers. During the circle, people can share angel stories or angelic interventions, spiritual growth stories, miracle healings, and request a special healing. While requesting a […]

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Touching the Angelic Realm

Touching the Angelic Realm Do you know that you can touch the angelic realm by connecting and working with your angels?  Your angels can bring you much joy, happiness, and peace.  This class will discuss the four forms of Divine Communication, conduct exercises to help you to […]

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PACH Outreach Capital Fund Campaign  Join us for a day of Health, Wellness, and Community Service! The Art of Healing Holistic Center will be hosting an event on April 7th at the Lawrence Library in Pepperell from 10 – 2pm to raise money for the PACH Outreach’s […]

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